Upcoming Artist: Robert Wun

With 2020 nearly coming to an end, the new year is expected to also bring some upcoming artists with it.

Born in Hong Kong, Robert Wun graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2012. There he was acknowledged for his unique ideas for womenswear, and launched his first fashion label in just two years. His designs have a futuristic look, with unusual silhouettes and unique use of typical fabric.

Wun's designs aim for a sophisticated woman, which are reflected in his business attire like pieces. His designs consists of fabric layered over one another to create dynamic 3D shapes. Much of his collections have included the work of "petals" or loops in the clothing to form a sculptural shape in a flower like way. The petals allow Wun to create a flattering shape for the clothing, without making it bulky. Many of his pieces also expose a certain part of the body such as the back or the stomach. The highly voluminous pieces are complemented by straps that are clipped onto the clothing to create a complicated pattern.


Robert Wun, Women's Spring Summer 2021


Although Wun's designs question the practicality side for fashion, the designer has succeeded in bringing a new concept for business attire. It is exiting to see what the designer will bring next, especially with the consideration of lockdown, and the buyer's priority of comfort.

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