The future absence of physical fashion

Major fashion companies such as Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar etc. are now earning their profit off of digital platform, rather than magazines, fashion shows and physical showrooms.

Recently, the fashion industry has grown its' audience to a more inclusive crowd. While in the past, only those who were exclusively invited were able to view the new and upcoming fashion groundbreakers, all information about brands' collections and news is now available on the internet.

Digitally, one second in time allows a photographer of the fashion show to capture five different photos from all different angles. With Vogue magazines detailed explanation and photos of the majority runway collections, fans of fashion are able to view collections even more in depth through the cameras. The camera is able to capture details that a human eye is unable to interpret in the short amount of time it takes for the model to walk by. While attending a fashion show is appealing to many due to the exclusive image, the purpose of these showings is for the designer to present their artwork for a glimpse of what may be coming the next season. Many of the intricate details can be easily missed due to the rush of a live fashion show.

The convenience of digital access to fashion has lead to a rapid downfall for the press industry. The global pandemic which first spread in late 2019 has also helped fasten the need for change in the fashion industry. Many fashion designers chose to present their fashion shows digitally, expanding their creative boundaries. Though many suffer economically from the hit of the pandemic, artists are now able to push their boundaries of fashion even farther. The digital world allows an unlimited source for designers to work with.

An example of this was showcased by the Valentino fall haute couture collection where Pierpaolo Piccioli expanded his creative skill by creating 20 ft gowns. The models were also showcased with props like a swing or a hanging ring. These innovative designs are only made possible digitally, and because of the rising expectations for improved collections, designers in the future may even prefer to showcase digitally in order to put their creative mind to the max potential.

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