Support small artists

Let's talk about small businesses and artists. Since the internet has become the solution to just about anything for us today, we often find ourselves online shopping from large corporations such as amazon, target etc. Especially after the pandemic hit, many of us are unable to go outside and visit our favorite local shops. As a result of this, many of our small businesses have sadly closed due to the loss of customers. Even after this, some still remain with an online website to purchase products from. Though it may take more time, and cost more money, it is important to still do our part to support the community and slow the damage of fast fashion. By purchasing from ethically made stores, we are able to protest against underpaid workers of fast fashion corporations, support struggling artists, and slow global warming.


From large furniture to complimenting accessories for you home, Coming Soon New York offers unique home products from various small artists of New York City. Much of the products are colorful, and appear in unique shapes. This boutique is perfect to add a pop of color into your home, and incorporate unique pieces.


Also based in the heart of Manhattan, Café Forgot is known for their handmade women's clothing. Their products explore the concept of the fashion industry's part in global warming, as many of their pieces are made from, smaller, recycled looking scraps. Though their pieces are all made my artists, their brand does not fail to deliver a wide selection of products from dresses, pants, tops, undergarments, to accessories.


Founded by Alana Johnson in New York City, Orseund Iris is a high end women's fashion brand. They are known for their feminine silhouettes, with the incorporation of ribbon ties, silk, and flowy garments. The business first received recognition from instagram, and still remains a popular social media fashion store.

4. Lisa Says Gah

Based in San Francisco, Lisa says Gah is a sustainable clothing and decor brand made by exclusively women artists. They offer a colorful collection with unique textiles as some are shown above. They carry a wide variety of products from clothing, to accessories, to some home decor. The business also carries other small brands, including but not limited to, Paloma Wool, BAINA, Holiday the Label, and Mandinga.

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