Humanswear would be a better title for future fashion shows

With the new Spring 2022 collections released, many brands have gravitated towards unisex looks.

Whether this is a tactic to expand their buyer diversity, or a realization that garments truly have no restrictions regarding gender, brands have payed more attention into creating androgynous clothing for their fall 2021 and spring 2022 collections.

For decades, fashion has been a major creative outlet, with very little "rules" for artists to follow while they were designing. Still, publicly shown clothing has always been restrictive and somehow influenced by society norms, commonly gender.

With the intensified expression of self individuality emerging after quarantine, designers must now take their changing buyers into account. With such strict rules that we as a society had to follow because of Covid-19, people no longer seem bothered by outdated "rules" created and understood by society that restrict those from expressing inner uniqueness.

  1. Fendi

Although the show's theme around industrialization and sharp, clean lines in the clothing usually are perceived as masculine features, the combination of crop tops and soft colors made the garments feel young and feminine. One strong point for Fendi this season was their detailed tailoring incorporated into each look to create the strong silhouettes and shapes of clothing.

2. Jacquemus

For their fall 2021 menswear collection, Jacquemus hinted at inspiration from outdoor wear, shifting away from direct inspiration from athleisure. The designer drew no line separating any genders for his show, and introduced a brighter color pallet that previous shows have not included to this extent. Layering was a big feature of the show, as it was used to introduce more depth into the garments, and contrast tight clothing with baggier ones.

Fashion's trend cycle is a never ending loop repeated over decades, but fighting against gender norms is something bigger. The past century has slowly unwound society's association with femininity and women, but with artist's acknowledgment for freedom to design and create, the following decades could turn into a world with no such things as "rules in fashion."

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