How Valentino's Women's Couture perfectly captures 2021 optimism

For his 2021 Couture Collection, Italian fashion designer Pierpaolo Piccioli connected a wide range of color pallets with our current world circumstances.

The duration of the fashion show followed a general narrative of optimism for a good year following a rough one for many.

The show began with a magenta long sleeve dress, covered by the white, sleeveless poncho-like cover up with squares connected by knots. Already, this piece showcased our once vibrant lives, now slightly concealed because of COVID-19 restrictions. The peeking brightness through the holes of the knots also suggested Piccioli's optimism for a bright future coming in 2021.

Opening look.

As the collection proceeded, bright colors like orange, pink, and red were paired with toned colors like beige, white, and blush which represented the gentle side of clothing that many have discovered while staying home. By toning down statement colors with a neutral pallet, Piccioli shifted from his signature bright color blocking, to something more simple. Because of the fewer opportunities to go out, modest colored fashion has become more appealing for the buyer, even in couture. Still, Piccioli incorporated the bright light of a "past life" in details designs, combined beautifully with modest colors.

Following pieces.

As the collection came to the second half, the designs shifted to bright colored monochromatic looks, paired with reflective platforms, and shining layers. The neutral colors became increasingly absent, as the garments bright colors took over. Smartly placing these brighter pieces in the later half of the show, Piccioli showed his hope for the bright future ahead of us. The Italian fashion designer showed his excitement for a year filled with color and drama. By creating an opportunity for the audience to get a glimpse of something to wear in the future, Piccioli may have also been attempting to implant the belief of going back to a normal life in his customers.

Concluding looks

The show ended with the brightest garment of all; a gold floor length two piece dress. The model walked down with a face painted gold, as her hands were covered in a pair of long yellow gloves. Every inch of the piece was stitched with detailed sequins which emphasized the brightness of the color. Though completely over the top, the piece shows the audience the possible movement of fashion in the future; an even brighter, happier expression of self.

Closing piece

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