How the bashed Met Gala theme could ironically challenge and produce creativity

For the new Met Gala theme in 2021 and 2022, the curator, Andrew Bolton announced that the new theme will be American Style.

Although many find this underwhelming compared to past themes such as China through the looking glass, or even Camp: notes on fashion, American style is something that designers will be challenged to revive. Since the golden age of America is commonly remembered as the late 50's and 60's, we commonly forget that this ongoing stretch for new creativity and positivity is still continuing to expand itself.

With the theme, Bolton's intention is to remind people of fashion before it's overwhelming inspiration from sportswear and related values of utility, functionality and pragmatism.

Although many times fashion takes inspiration from other cultures and counties, it is important to note American fashion's originality on it's own. With one of America's highest competitors in fashion, France, the Battle of Versailles, a fashion competition between American designers,(Occar De la Renta, Stephen Buttoms, Halston, Bill Blasd, and Anne Klein) vs France (YSL, Pierre Cardin, Marc Bohan, Givenchy and, Emanuel Ungaro) is just one of many events proving America's individual aesthetic in fashion.


Because of the pandemic, the fashion industry in America has gone into a downwards spiral, with bankruptcies, a disorganized fashion week, and lack of creativity, this new theme will hopefully revive the pre-pandemic creativity and beauty in fashion.

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