Different forms of the biggest trend of 2021: Color

As we enter the first few months of the new year, many are looking for optimistic changes in their lives after spending months inside. Although our lives regarding COVID-19 have not yet changed drastically, many of us have learned to incorporate fashion for a quick run to the grocery store or to the coffee shop down the street.

Popular streetwear may have taken a casual turn, but it has also begun to incorporate unique colors and patterns that fails to bore anyone's eyes. 2020 has been a year of finding ones true self, and people are more than ready to show off their personalities through fashion.


Left to right: Yan Yan Knits 2021 collection, Hysteric Glamour knit sweater

The attraction towards knit pieces will be high this year, as people seem to be less worried about the weather. Perhaps it's because they are inside, but it is ironic considering our heating planet. As contrast stitching was popular a few years ago, it makes another depute but on thick fabrics.


Left to right: Hysteric glamour women's pants, Paloma wool knit pants, Hosbjerg swirl marble pants.

While people play with color, they also have played with pattern. These pants are merely just the most popular, as hundreds of brands have incorporated unique patterns into their collections. Designers playing with shapes and patterns have noticed how they can create flattering illusions for buyers, which is what started such an appeal.


Left to right: SJP out in NYC, Yan Yan knits collection, Conflict Of Ego clothing

Dressing in head to toe pattern may be intimidating and quite overwhelming, but with the right color pallet and combination of styles, dramatic clothing can easily fit with one another to make a cohesive outfit. Pay attention to the one repeating pattern or color that is holding the whole outfit together. When combining statement pieces together, they require a piece that ties them all together.

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