Images to normalize

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Why is it weird to see a male in a skirt? Why are there very few breaking the normality of streetwear fashion?

As of 2020, the world has yet to get rid of our fixed mindset of toxic masculinity. The industry sees a man wearing a dress on the runway and calls it a breaking headline. So when will it get normalized? That is on society, and you can do your part to see what fashion may be like in the future.



Beginning in the past decade, designers have proceeded to create feminine menswear; a key piece being the skirt. American performer Billy Porter even attended to 2019 Oscars wearing a head to toe black, Christian Siriano blazer dress. Though skirts currently play a big role in men's high fashion it is yet to become a common streetwear piece.


From no straps, to halters, drop shoulders, these various necklines have been known as the "feminine necklines." These necklines mainly focus on the collarbone, which is known to be a delicate and beautiful feature of a woman. Such delicate features in clothing a scarce in men's fashion.


Lace has been a staple fashion piece in women's fashion for over a century. Starting from lingerie, to details in dresses, lace has developed to be a feminine touch to garments. At the 2019 met gala, singer Harry Styles wore Alessandro Michele in an all black jumpsuit with a lace torso. Following many men's runway designers, Michele took feminine fashion to another level by displaying it to the public consumer world.

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