A comeback of small bags

Because of the pandemic, many unpredicted trends in fashion have occurred. A large shoulder bag is no longer put to use because of it's unpracticality with so many things inside.

A day in the pre-pandemic time; June 19, 2019. I wake up around 9, following my lousy summer routine. With the absence of school, I have received the luxury to wake up without a blaring alarm screaming in my face. I've made it a rule for myself to get up an hour before going out, which allows me time to read, shower, and throw some makeup on my face. I am generally an extrovert, fueled by my social life with friends and family. I think of everyday as unpredictable. Each day holds immense potential either of positive and negative. The short lived time of a day proceeds like a slow mystery, filled with spontaneous details.

With this mindset, I crave control. What would I do if x happened? How can I be prepared for the surprising disaster or miracle that could appear? There was one solution. A bag large enough to carry the jungle of paper towels, extra makeup, headphones and everything else I could stuff into my santa sack called a bag. An extremely organized person may find this horrific, but where are the paper towels to wipe up the spilled ice creme on their pants from a passing by kid on the street? As unpredictable my days could be, I always made sure I was prepared.

Fast forward to March 2021. I'm sitting on the couch switching every couple hours from TV to reading André Aciman's "Find Me." I occasionally follow my mom to the grocery store, but what surprise does that bring? My life is predictable now. Crazy, but simple. All I need is a cellphone and wallet incase I need to dial a call to a friend or a family member, or find myself craving for some Starbucks cake pops.

There's no need for my large tote anymore; the mall is closed for me to do my small part in preventing waste with a re-usable bag, the restaurants are closed preventing all food messes, and of course physical interaction is discouraged. My mask covers any need for extra makeup, and home is the new place to blast music into my ears. My worn out tote sits in my closet, behind my small shoulder bags and pouches. I realize after great time that I miss my large bag, and the slight feeling of panic from unexpected events of the day.

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