3 trends to say goodbye to in 2020

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

2020 has brought some amazing new trends to jump on, but some must go with the summer. Here are 4 trends that you will no longer see in 2020.


When Kim K first appeared in these heels, they were quite a controversial topic! Those who liked it loved in and those who despised them hated them. Luckily for the haters, you wont be seeing these anymore.


Bright statement pieces have been a huge trend for the past year, but it's time to tone the colors down. Instead of wearing bright colored garments, go for the neutral or light colors colors like nude and pastels. You can still add a fun statement pieces with Accessories!


Like many other fashion lovers, this trend was one of my favorites, although the bag was impractical to a certain degree, it elevated each look and added something special to the garment. Now it's time to let the larger bags have the spotlight!

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