5 Most fashionable films of all time

With more time at home by yourself or with your family, I imagine many of us have begun to run out of films to watch after a year of quarantine. Here is a gathered collection of some of the most fashionable films in a variety of different genres, from action, to drama, and comedy.


Paris Texas, directed by Wim Wenders starring Harry Dean Stanton, Dean Stockwell, and Nastassja Kinski is a 1980's road movie. Indulge yourself in a retro all American style film, with bright colored fashion inspired by past decades like the 60's and 70's.


Pulp Fiction, directed by Quentin Tarantino starring John Travolta, Uma Thurman, and Samual L. Jackson is a classic 1994 Tarantino movie. The film follows two mob hitmen, a gangster and his family, a boxer, and two burglars through their somehow intertwined lives.


Jojo Rabbit, directed by Taika Waititi starring Griffin Davis and Scarlett Johansson is a 2019 war-drama movie. The film follows a hitler boy's (Davis) life and his journey to overcome patriotism when he discovers his mother (Johansson) is hiding a jewish girl in their home. The film's choice of garment has a smart combination of print on print, playing with unique textiles and colors.


Blake Edward's 1961 debut of Breakfast at Tiffany's has become one of the most iconic films of all time. Starring Audrey Hepburn, the film incorporates simple silhouettes that have become the foundation of runway designs up to this day. This drama-romance is based in New York City, about a runaway girl struggling with the crave of freedom, and emotional attachment.


Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life incorporates some of the most iconic 1940's fashion icons such as James Stewart and Donna reed (seen in picture). The heartwarming 1947 movie incorporates glamorous 30's and 40's fashion, like fur hats, button down dresses with accentuated waist lines, and block heels.

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